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                Youth Group!

           For Junior High and                     High School students. 

                 6-8th grades

       Sunday meetings 3:30 - 6 pm at St. Anthony's Lucassen Youth Center currently postponed.


                           CCD and RCIA NEWS                        Update from the Office of Religious Education

   The Religious Education (CCD) classes for the year

   2020-2021 started last

   Monday, September 14th (1st Grade thru 6th Grade),

   Tuesday, September 15th (First Communion classes),

   Wednesday , September 16th (Confirmation 2 classes), and

   Thursday, September 17th (First Communion classes).

   On September 23rd, 6th Grade thru Confirmation 1 classes

   will start and 1st Grade thru 5th Grade on September 24th.

   Catechesis will be done In person , Home Based or

   On Line. 

   Parents’ Class for Home Based Catechesis will be on

   October 4th, Sunday at 2:30pm

   For more information, you may call the CCD/Rel Ed  office

   at 432-334-6478.





For Whom is RCIA?

RCIA is for the following:

     - 7 years old or older needing Baptism

     - 8th graders or older needing First

          Communion (already Baptized)

     - Any adult needing any Sacrament

What documents are needed?

       Birth Certificate

       Certificates for any Sacraments received

  ___________________________________________          ?Para quien is RCIA?

La RICA es para lo siguiente?

     - 7 anos de edad or mas que necesitan

          el Bautismo

     - Estudiantes del octavo grado o mas que

          necesitan Primera Comunion

          (ya bautizados)

     - Cualquier adulto que necesite algun


?Que documentos se necesitan?

Certificado de nacimiento

Certificados para cualquier sacramento que







Por mas informacion llame a Pedro Saldania al 432-202-2787

Sigue el horario posible: